Neogen® Ampouled Media, m-E. coli and Coliform

Item No.  6511

  • Visually differentiate E. coli and Coliform colonies
  • Count positive results as early as 21 hours
  • High specificity due to chromogenic reactions
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Ampouled m-E. coli/Coliform Broth is a ready-to-use media for use with Neogen filters when testing for Coliforms and E. coli. The medium is sensitive and differential for the concurrent detection and enumeration of Coliforms and E. coli in liquid samples within 24 hours. E. coli colonies appear dark blue, and Coliform colonies appear pink to purplish pink, making each easily distinguishable by visual inspection. m-E. coli/Coliform Broth is an ideal medium for reporting an E. coli/Coliform or a Coliform count using membrane filtration.
Brand Neogen® Filters and Ampoules
Analyte Coliforms, E. coli
Volume 2 mL
Quantity per Package 50 tubes


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