Neogen® Environmental Scrub Sampler with Wide Spectrum Neutralizer

SKU No.  700002337  |  Catalog No.  HES10WSN2G

  • Multilayered non-woven composite material maintains integrity when sampling rough areas.
  • Scrub dot technology disrupts biofilm and enhances sample collection.
  • Neogen® Wide Spectrum Neutralizer is formulated to effectively neutralize common sanitizers and is designated to be compatible with Neogen® Petrifilm® plates and Neogen® Molecular Detection System.
  • AOAC® Performance Tested℠ Certificate #022104.
  • HACCP International Food Safety Program Certification I-PE-140-NEO-RG-01
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Neogen® Environmental Scrub Sampler combines an innovative design and high-tech materials into a sampling device. The multilayered non-woven composite material is designed for pickup, release, and absorbency and maintains integrity when sampling rough areas. The Neogen® Environmental Scrub Sampler incorporates scrub dot technology to disrupt biofilm and enhance sample collection.

Neogen® Environmental Scrub Sampler with 10 mL Wide Spectrum Neutralizer and Gloves is the first and only sample collection device and neutralizing solution to be granted the AOAC® Performance Tested Methods SM Certificate (#022104).

Neogen® Environmental Scrub Sampler with 10 mL Wide Spectrum Neutralizer and Gloves comes in a 6” x 11” Neogen® Sample Bag with an 30 oz/0.89 L capacity to hold the device for safe, convenient transportation to the lab. The sample bag is double laminated to for strength, puncture resistance, and durability when blending or transporting. Wire ties maintain a secure closure and a blue top and large white write-on area help identify the bag. Two, universal-fit, polyethylene gloves are included for convenience, safety, and to facilitate aseptic handling. Sample bag, sampling device, and gloves are terminally decontaminated through gamma irradiation.

PlatformSample Collection
  • AOAC® Performance Tested Methods℠ Certificate 022104
  • HACCP International Food Safety Programme Certification I-PE-140-NEO-RG-01
Storage Conditions2 to 8°C
Quantity per Package100 each
Package Dimensions35.00 cm x 25.00 cm x 25.50 cm
Package Weight6.86 lb


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