Colitag™ Sample Containers with sodium thiosulfate

Item No.  9859

  • For use with Colitag water test kits.
  • Sodium Thiosulfate is in a tablet form.
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Analyte Coliforms
  • EPA: Federal Register/vol. 74, No. 216/Tuesday, November 10, 2009/Rules and Regulations
  • Modified Colitag™ is US EPA approved for compliance monitoring of public water systems as required by the Total Coliform Rule.
Brand Colitag™
Limit of Detection 1 cfu in a 100 mL sample
Quantity per Package 100 containers
Volume 100 mL

Colitag P/A test kits, 100 mL format
  1. Incubator or water bath capable of maintaining 35°C ± 0.5°
  2. Long wavelength (366 nanometer) UV lamp
  3. Sample containers large enough to contain 100 mL water samples


  1. Incubator or water bath capable of maintaining 44.5°C ± 0.2°
  2. Kovac's reagent