Colitag™ Sample container with sodium thiosulfate


SKU No.  700006475  |  Catalog No.  9859

  • For use with Colitag™ water test system, includes 100 mL fill line for water sample
  • Sodium thiosulfate to dechlorinate sample
  • Printed lot numbers included on product number 9859
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A sterile, transparent, 120 mL water sample container with a 100 mL fill line for coliform and E. coli testing. The container does not fluoresce under 365nm UV light.

Includes sodium thiosulfate to dechlorinate sample.

AnalyteColiforms, E. coli
ApplicationPotable Water Applications
PlatformDehydrated Culture Media
Result TypePresence/Absence, Qualitative
Quantity per Package100 containers
Package Dimensions12.30 in x 103.00 in x 9.10 in
Package Weight5.80 lb
Pack of 100 containers
Colitag Water Test System