ANSR® Listeria Right Now™

Item No.  9873

  • Environmental sanitation verification with results in just 1 hour — no enrichment needed; can be performed onsite
  • Requires no advanced microbiology training to perform
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Listeria Right Now™ is the first environmental test for Listeria that offers results in just 1 hour, allowing facilities to seek, investigate and troubleshoot Listeria more quickly than with conventional methods. The method is ideal for verifying sanitation specifically against Listeria onsite for visibly clean surfaces rinsed free of excess sanitizers. The AOAC-approved test allows users to reduce downtime, avoid an enrichment step, and ultimately protect their brand.
Brand ANSR®
Analyte Listeria
Platform Molecular
Result Type Qualitative
Approvals AOAC 081802; 2018 CFIA Award for Innovation
Limit of Detection 1 cfu/analytical unit
Testing Time 53.00
Quantity per Package 96
Package Weight 4.60 lb
  1. 96 microbiological swabs in 1 mL Letheen broth
  2. 12 strips of 8 cluster tubes, 1.2 mL
  3. 12 strips of 8 reaction tubes, 200 µL, containing lyophilized ANSR Listeria Right Now reagents in 2 sealed foil pouches with desiccant pack
  4. 12 strips of 8 permanent caps for reaction tubes
  5. 2 bottles lysis reagent suspension buffer, 60 mL
  6. 6 vials containing lyophilized lysis reagents
  7. 1 kit insert

Equipment Required

  1. ANSR reader (Neogen item 9828)
  2. Computer and software for connection to ANSR reader (Neogen item 9832)
  3. 1 dual heater block with lysis block inserts for 1.2 mL cluster tubes, 80 ± 2°C and 37 ± 2°C (Neogen items 9386-DUAL48, 9829-48)
  4. Pipettor, 100–1000 μL (Neogen item 9463)
  5. Pipette tip rack, 100–1000 μL, sterile, 96 tips (Neogen item 9487)
  6. Pipettor, 10–100 μL, 8-channel (Neogen item 9388)
  7. Pipette tips, 100 μL, sterile, filtered, 96 tips (Neogen item 9389)
  8. Vortex mixer, adjustable speed (Neogen item 9494)
  9. 3 thermometers, traceable (Neogen item 9518)
  10. Timer, 3-channel (Neogen item 9426)
  11. Optional heater block with block insert for 0.2 mL reaction tubes, 56 ± 1°C (Neogen items 9386-48D, 9829-64)
  12. Webcam (Neogen item WEBCAM)
  13. ANSR ethernet cable (Neogen item 9835)
  14. Pipette pump, 10 mL (Neogen item 9277)
  15. Pippettes, sterile serological, 10 mL (Neogen item 8686)
  16. 40-slot, 20 mm test tube rack, autoclavable (Neogen item 9553)
  17. Pipette tip rack, 100-1000 µL, sterile, 4.7in, 96 tips (Neogen item 9487-LONG)
  18. Pipettor, 20-200 µL (Neogen item 9276)


To access the Certificate of Analysis (COA), please use our COA Search.


The ANSR Listeria Right Now system is able to detect very low numbers of Listeria spp., including L. monocytogenes, from environmental samples without enrichment. The system employs an isothermal, amplified nucleic acid-based reaction to target rRNA. Amplification occurs through a polymerization mechanism by a specific endonuclease. Detection occurs in real-time using a fluorescent molecular beacon.

Ribosomal RNA is present in much greater numbers in Listeria cells than the traditional DNA target (~1000 – 10,000 copies per cell vs. 1 copy per cell for DNA). This can result in a 1,000 – 10,000 fold increase in target analyte concentration.

The isothermal reaction within the instrument produces a constant cycle of molecular replication producing analyte copies much more quickly than traditional PCR reactions which run through a series of heating and cooling cycles.

Summary: Exponentially more targets with a significantly faster cycle time = equals results Right Now.


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