ANSR® for Campylobacter

ANSR® for Campylobacter

Item No.  9872

  • Total time to results 20 – 24 hours (25g and 125 g)
  • Irradiated media for easy preparations/single-step aerobic enrichments
  • AOAC PTM approved
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ANSR® for Campylobacter provides rapid recovery and detection of Campylobacter in food or environmental samples in 20 – 24 hours. ANSR for Campylobacter has been found to be an effective procedure for detection of Campylobacter jejuni, C. coli and C. lari in poultry rinse samples and carcass swabs.
Brand ANSR®
Analyte Campylobacter
Platform Molecular
Result Type Qualitative
Approvals AOAC 071601 OMA 2013.14
Limit of Detection 1 cfu/analytical unit
Testing Time 10.00
Incubation Time 20-24 Hours
Quantity per Package 96 tests
Package Dimensions 7.70 in x 4.00 in x 5.30 in
Package Weight 1.20
  1. 12 strips of 8 cluster tubes in a rack, 1.2 mL
  2. 12 strips of 8 reaction tubes, 200 µL, containing lyophilized ANSR for Campylobacter reagents in 2 sealed foil pouches with desiccant pack
  3. 12 strips of 8 permanent caps for reaction tubes
  4. 1 bottle of lysis reagent suspension buffer, 60 mL
  5. 3 vials containing lyophilized lysis reagents
  6. 1 kit insert

Equipment Required

  1. ANSR reader (Neogen item 9828)
  2. Computer and software for connection to ANSR reader (Neogen item 9832)
  3. 1 dual heater block with lysis block inserts for 1.2 mL cluster tubes, 80 ± 2°C and 37 ± 2°C (Neogen items 9386-DUAL48, 9829-48)
  4. Pipettor, 100 – 1000 µL (Neogen item 9463)
  5. Pipette tip rack, 100 – 1000 µL, sterile, 96 tips (Neogen item 9487)
  6. Pipettor, 10 – 100 µL, 8-channel (Neogen item 9388)
  7. Pipette tips, 100 µL, sterile, filtered, 96 tips (Neogen item 9389)
  8. Vortex mixer, adjustable speed (Neogen item 9494)
  9. 3 thermometers, traceable (Neogen item 9518)
  10. Timer, 3-channel (Neogen item 9426)
  11. Optional heater block with block insert for 0.2 mL reaction tubes, 56 ± 1°C (Neogen items 9386-48D, 9829-64)
  12. Stomacher (Optional)
  13. Webcam (Neogen item WEBCAM)
  14. ANSR ethernet cable (Neogen item 9835)
  15. Pipette pump, 10 mL (Neogen item 9277)
  16. Pipettes, sterile serological (Neogen item 8686)
  17. 40-slot, 20 mm test tube rack, autoclavable (Neogen item 9553)
  18. Pipettor, 20-200 µL (Neogen item 9276)

Other Materials Required

  1. Stomacher-type bags for sample enrichment. Filtered bags are recommended (Neogen item 6827)
  2. Flat bottomed 4 oz. Whirl-Pak® sampling bag (Neogen Item 9508)
  3. Graduated cylinder, 250 mL (Neogen item 9368)

Media Enrichment Broth Required

  1. ANSR for Campylobacter Enrichment Broth (Neogen Item 9818)
  2. Buffered Peptone Water (Neogen Item 7418A or equivalent)
  3. 1 L purified water
  4. Phosphate Buffered Saline (Neogen item 8425)


  1. A special lysis reagent is added to the enrichment sample. Target pathogen DNA or RNA is released through the lysis step.
  2. The lysed sample is added to ANSR reagents. A special primer targets specific regions of the pathogen DNA and starts amplification of the DNA, creating millions of copies in minutes.
  3. The amplified segments of the pathogen DNA bind to special molecular beacons which then fluoresce and are detected by the ANSR reader.
  4. Results will be reported in 18 minutes and displayed as positive, negative or invalid.


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