Elk Purity

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  • Identify the percentage of elk genetics in a single animal.
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Working in partnership with GenomNZ, Elk Purity provides a percentage of elk genetics in a single animal compared to Eastern and European deer. Special pricing applies to bundles of parentage and purity testing. Contact us for more information.

Additional Testing

Additional testing is available to add in the next step when uploading your submission form.
Breeds Supported Elk, Eastern Deer, European Deer
Species Elk, Cervid
Turnaround Time 8-10 weeks

Additional Information

Using a set of pure animals as standards, animals sent in for Elk Purity testing are ‘mapped’ based on their genetic similarities to these standards. We currently estimate about a 6% margin of error. It also appears that good sample quality does improve the accuracy of the prediction. While the results are as accurate as possible at the time of receipt, some Elk may appear less ‘Pure’ because their ancestors are not represented in the standards. GenomNZ makes no attempt to define what constitutes as a ‘Pure Elk’ for regulatory purposes in the United States and Canada. Please contact your local representative to discuss any queries regarding this.


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