SureKill® Ant Gel Bait

Blister pack of 4 x 40 gram cartridges

Item No.  9304040

  • Highly Palatable
  • Gel bait has mixed texture which allows ants to pick up and ingest product easier than others
  • Formula includes carbohydrates and proteins with a higher concentration of sugars for ants.
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SureKill's Ant Gel Bait provides the fast-acting, active ingredient Imidaclopid in ready-to-use cartridges, making it simple for technicians to control even the hard to handle infestations. Each cartridge contains 40 grams of bait and will provide approximately 1,000 bait applications at the recommended rate. What makes these products superior to other gel baits? With the unique dual mode of action in Imidacloprid, these gel baits work through ingestion and food exchange, providing reduction and control weeks after being applied. While working as a non-repellant gel bait, bait shyness is a thing of the past for both indoor and outdoor applications.
Active Ingredient Imidacloprid
Activity Neonicotinoids
Application Premise
Approvals EPA Registered
Brand SureKill®
Case Count 5
Case Weight LB
Package Dimensions 7.87 IN x 5.91 IN x 6.70 IN
Package Weight 4.05 LB
Quantity per Package 4 cartridges
Target Pests Ants