Rockwell Labs InTice™ 10 Perimeter Bait™

Rockwell Labs InTice™ 10 Perimeter Bait

Item No.  ITPB040

  • Mold and moisture resistant
  • Effective and economical
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InTice™ 10 Perimeter Bait is a mold and moisture resistant, effective and economical broad spectrum granular bait for indoor and outdoor use to control cockroaches, ants, crickets, earwigs, silverfish, millipedes, sow bugs and mole crickets. Application rates are cut in half with the exclusive formulation of 10% boric acid, saving time and money for the service professional. Ideal for perimeter and turf use and can last for up to 90 days.
Approvals EPA Registered
Case Dimensions 16.00 in x 13.00 in x 13.00 in
Package Weight 41.80