Igenity® Angus Gold

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Igenity Angus Gold includes 15 maternal, performance, and carcass traits plus parentage. With Igenity, you can:

  • Rank and select elite Angus influenced replacement heifers with improved maternal performance while producing high-end feeder calves
  • Verify parentage for a productive, efficient bull battery
  • Leverage the Igenity Beef Dashboard and custom index tool to select replacements that best fit your operation’s production and marketing goals
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Igenity® Angus Gold is a powerful, complete genomic profile for commercial (75% or greater) Angus cattle, delivering a wealth of data that corresponds to Angus Association EPDs.

Additional Testing

Additional testing is available to add in the next step when uploading your submission form.
Breeds SupportedAngus – 75% or greater
SpeciesBovine, Beef
Result TypeIgenity Scores
Profile DetailIgenity Angus Gold reports 15 key maternal, performance, and carcass traits similar to those reported by the American Angus Association. This profile also includes a production index for multi trait selection and parentage.
Data ResultsIgenity Beef Dashboard, Igenity Angus Gold Report
Submission InformationAnimal ID and a Sample Barcode are required information for each sample submitted.
Genetic ConditionsCoat Color, Horned/Polled (HP), BVDV, BCHF Breeding Rank
Turnaround Time3 to 4 weeks


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