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The Giga Mouse Universal Genotyping Array (GigaMUGA) provides more than 143,000 SNP markers built on the Illumina Infinium platform. The GigaMUGA improves upon the 78,000 SNP MegaMUGA and includes nearly all of the predecessor’s content. A majority of the SNP markers are distributed throughout the mouse genome and were selected to be informative in most mouse populations, including wild mice and multiple Mus species, but with a special emphasis for markers that are informative in the Collaborative Cross and Diversity Outbred population resources. The utilization of these informative SNPs make the array a highly cost-effective tool for many genotyping applications.
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The performance of the array is characterized in a set of 500 high-quality reference samples spanning laboratory inbred strains, recombinant inbred lines, outbred stocks, and wild-caught mice.


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