GGP Porcine 50K

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Includes several genetic markers that may directly impact disease and performance traits in pigs such as:

  • SNP WUR10000125 that has an impact on PRRS tolerance
  • A dystrophin defect that is associated with Porcine Stress Syndrome
  • Commonly utilized USDA parentage/identity SNPs
  • Porcine Stress Syndrome (HAL)
  • Rendement Napole (RN)
  • Marker that may infer resistance to E. coli (F4 ab/ac)
  • SNPs that have been demonstrated to have an impact on feed intake/conversion/weight gain, lean growth/fat content, and meat quality
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Developed in collaboration with the top corporate and academic scientists, the third generation GeneSeek Genomic Profiler (GGP) for Porcine is the most heavily utilized global genotyping array today and is built on the foundation of the most utilized porcine arrays ever developed. The GGP Porcine array features more than 51,000 SNPs specifically chosen for optimal chromosomal spacing and high minor allele frequency values for use in most commercial breeding lines. This mid-density array offers the power and resolution for a wide range of applications in pig breeding and genomics that include studying marker-trait association, evaluating pure lines, identifying multi-line reference populations, as well as research applications for Genome Wide Association Studies (GWAS).
Brand GeneSeek® Genomic Profiler™
Species Porcine


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