GGP Bovine 150K

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Neogen’s GGP Bovine 150K is an ideal cattle DNA testing solution for elite seedstock, donor dams, A.I. studs and high-impact cattle. Key features of the GGP Bovine 150K include:

  • Smart design. SNPs specifically chosen for high minor allele frequency and uniform coverage of the genome for most beef and dairy breeds of cattle.
  • Comprehensive information. Includes impactful new markers for cattle performance and reproduction.
  • Parentage Verification. Includes all commonly utilized USDA and ISAG parentage markers.
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Our highest density genomic profiler, the GGP Bovine 150K is designed to provide the most comprehensive data to researchers and producers alike. Using the active genes plus denser coverage provides more power to predict cattle and progeny performance. The GGP Bovine 150K offers exclusive content on thousands of “causative” markers tied to issues such as embryonic or fetal death as well as abnormalities that interfere with normal cattle growth development, and gain.

Additional Testing

Additional testing is available to add in the next step when uploading your submission form.
BrandGeneSeek® Genomic Profiler™
Breeds SupportedAll breeds supported
SpeciesBovine, Beef, Dairy
Data ResultsGGP Bovine 150K provides raw genotype information back to industry partners for use in a formal genetic evaluation. Parentage analysis can be performed by Neogen, if desired.
Submission InformationProducers may purchase GGP Bovine 150K through one of Neogen’s partner breed associations or their genetic evaluation provider. If interested in the product for research purposes, please contact Neogen directly.
Genetic ConditionsBVDV, Arthrogryposis Multiplex (AM) , Contractural Arachnodactyly (CA) , Chondrodysplasia (CHO) , Coat Color, Complex Vertebral Malformation (CVM), Developmental Duplication (DD), Coat Color Dilutor (DL), Dun Coat Color (DN), Horned/Polled (HP), Hypotrichosis (HY), Idiopathic Epilepsy (IE), Alpha Mannosidosis (MA) , Maple Syrup Urine Disease (MSUD), Myostatin (MYO), Neuropathic Hydrocephalus (NH), Osteopetrosis (OS), Pulmonary Hypoplasia Anasarca (PHA), Tibial Hemimelia (TH), Oculocataneous Hypopigmentation (OH), BLAD, Brachyspina, DUMPS, Kappa Casein, Leptin, Tenderness, Pompes, CMS, Fish Milk


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