ThermoFisher Axiom Equine Genotyping Array

Axiom™ Equine Genotyping Array

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The Axiom Equine Genotyping Array is useful for complex trait research including genome-wide analysis and fine mapping, diversity analyses and genomic prediction of disease risk. The array is also applicable for molecular breeding including association mapping, improved efficiency of breeding programs and selection signature analyses.
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The Axiom Equine Genotyping Array was designed by Affymetrix in collaboration with the University of Minnesota and members of the Equine Genetic Diversity Consortium. The array includes 670,796 markers selected for optimal genomic coverage of known genetic diversity among domestic horse breeds.

  • Approximately 400,000 markers between population tag SNPs.
  • Approximately 200,000 markers within population tag SNPs.
  • Approximately 70,000 SNPs from legacy arrays.
  • Additional SNP density within the equine major histocompatibility complex.
Brand ThermoFisher Axiom™
Species Equine
Assay Sample Size Submit samples in batches of 96
Submission Information

DNA requirement is 300-500ng at 20ng/ul concentration.

DNA samples can be shipped in screw-cap tubes or PCR plates. It is best to send DNA dried down at low temp to avoid evaporation or leakage during transport. DNA in suspension should be shipped on dry ice.

Turnaround Time Approximately 3-4 weeks

Additional Information

DNA extraction services available - contact us for details


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