ThermoFisher Axiom Canine HD Genotyping Array

Axiom™ Canine HD Genotyping Array

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The Axiom Canine HD Array offers over 710,000 markers for validation and discovery of variants associated with specific phenotypes including over 150 disease and trait specific markers.

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This microarray-based tool includes informative SNPs and insertions/deletions for over 40 breeds. The solution includes markers from existing catalog arrays such as breed-specific markers and functional variants to enable easy comparison to historical data. Additionally, the Axiom Canine HD Genotyping array also includes new functional variants and newly discovered intergenic variants (long noncoding RNA and miRNA).
Brand ThermoFisher Axiom™
Species Canine
Assay Sample Size Submit samples in batches of 96
Submission Information

DNA requirement is 300-500ng at 20ng/ul concentration.

DNA samples can be shipped in screw-cap tubes or PCR plates. It is best to send DNA dried down at low temp to avoid evaporation or leakage during transport. DNA in suspension should be shipped on dry ice.

Turnaround Time Approximately 3-4 weeks

Additional Information

DNA extraction services available - contact us for details


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