Angus GS

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  • Developed for Angus cattle in partnership with Angus Genetics Inc.
  • The industry’s first and largest breed specific SNP panel
  • Contains 35,000 markers to empower research into traits and regions of interest
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For Angus. By Angus. The powerful new genomic selection tool built specifically for Angus cattle in partnership with the American Angus Association. Saturated with Angus specific content, Angus GS provides breeders a path into the future of genetic selection. Now with a total of 75,000 SNP, Angus GS is the largest breed specific product on the market. Furthermore, with its 35,000 research markers, information collected from Angus GS will provide Angus Genetics Inc. with the power to develop new EPDs and research portions of the Angus genome that have never been investigated before.

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Brand Angus GS
Breeds Supported Angus
Species Bovine, Beef
Profile Detail Angus GS provides raw genotype information back to Angus Genetics Inc. for use in their formal genetic evaluation. Traits and Conditions: Coat Color, AM, NH, CA, OS, DD, OH, M1, D2, BVD
Data Results Angus GS provides raw genotype information back to Angus Genectis Inc. for use in their formal genetic evaluation.
Submission Information Angus producers in the United States may purchase Angus GS through the American Angus Association. If interested in the product for research purposes, please contact Neogen directly.
Genetic Conditions Coat Color, Arthrogryposis Multiplex (AM) , Neuropathic Hydrocephalus (NH), Contractural Arachnodactyly (CA) , Osteopetrosis (OS), Oculocataneous Hypopigmentation (OH), Developmental Duplication (DD), BVDV, M1, D2


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