ThermoFisher Axiom Rice Genotyping Array

Affymetrix Axiom Rice Genotyping Array

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The Axiom Rice array contains more than 40,000 SNP varients for research and development as well as routine genomic selection.
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Axiom Rice Genotyping Array offers comprehensive genomic coverage, which allows researchers to easily assay the natural variation of rice varieties worldwide to identify genes underlying important phenotypic traits (e.g., high yields), to understand genetic sources of variation, and to differentiate cultivars for fingerprinting and classification purposes.

Axiom Rice Genotyping Array includes 42,961 markers from GeneChip™ Rice 44K Genotyping Arrayand 5,499 markers from a whole-genome SNP array (RICE6K) for genomic breeding in rice.

Brand ThermoFisher Axiom™
Breeds Supported Detection of common genetic variants within and between the major subpopulations of rice, including indica, aus, tropical japonica, temperate japonica, and group V (“aromatic”)
Species Plant, Rice


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