GGP Equine

Item No.  454

NEOGEN's GGP Equine beadchip is a comprehensive and cost effective genotyping tool that supports a wide range of applications for both commercial and research applications. Designed to enable genome-wide study of all major horse breeds, this BeadChip is a powerful platform for improving horse breeding programs.

Upgraded and optimized with the most informative SNP content from higher density arrays, the GGP Equine beadchip is an ideal tool for:

  • Developing genomic predictions and enhanced breeding values
  • Enabling identification of genes and polymorphisms that contribute to traits of interest
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Originally based on Illumina's EquineSNP50 platform, this upgraded beadchip features 71,947 evenly distributed SNPs. With additional SNP content compared to the first version of NEOGEN's GGP Equine beadchip, this second generation, optimized tool includes has an average minor allele frequency of 0.26.
Assay Sample Size Submit samples in batches of 24
Brand GeneSeek® Genomic Profiler™
Species Equine
Submission Information

DNA requirement is 300-500ng at 20ng/ul concentration.

DNA samples can be shipped in screw-cap tubes or PCR plates. It is best to send DNA dried down at low temp to avoid evaporation or leakage during transport. DNA in suspension should be shipped on dry ice.

Turnaround Time Approximately 3-4 weeks

Additional Information

Data can be made available on either EquCab 2.0 or 3.0 mapping positions.

DNA extraction services available - contact us for details.


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