Angus GS

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Additional Testing

Neuropathic Hydrocephalus (NH)

More commonly known as "waterhead", affected animals are born dead with an extremely large head with little or no brain material or spinal cord.

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Osteopetrosis (OS)

Also known as “marble bone”, affected animals phenotypically possess a short lower jaw and impacted molars as well as elongated, fragile bones that are easily broken.

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Myostatin (MYO)

Most commonly referred to as “double muscling”. Possible variants tested include C313Y, nt419, E226X, nt821, E291X, Q204X, D182N, F94L, and S105C.

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SeekSire™ Parentage

SeekSire™ parentage testing compares DNA markers from bulls (or cows) with DNA from calves to verify the calves’ parentage.

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Developmental Duplication (DD)

Affected animals are born with all, or part of, an extra limb.

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Arthrogryposis Multiplex (AM)

Known as "curly calf", affected animals (those with two copies of the recessive allele) are stillborn and have a twisted or curved spine and extended and contracted limbs.

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