Red Pullulan

3 g

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High purity dyed, soluble Red Pullulan for the measurement of enzyme activity, for research, biochemical enzyme assays and in vitro diagnostic analysis. 

Substrate for measurement of pullulanase in commercial enzyme preparations and for the measurement of limit-dextrinase in malt flours.

Please note the video above shows the protocol for assay of endo-cellulase using Azo-CM cellulose. The procedure for the assays of pullulanase/limit-dextrinase, isopullulanase, neopullulanase and isoamylase using Red Pullulan is equivalent to this.

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Analyte Pullulanase, Limit-dextrinase, Isopullulanase, Neopullulanase, Isoamylase
Brand Megazyme
Package Dimensions 0.80 IN x 0.80 IN x 1.90 IN
Package Weight 0.04 LB
Physical Form Powder
Platform Spectrophotometer, Petri-Dish
Reproducibility ~ 7%
Result Type UV Absorbance
Storage Conditions

Storage Temperature: Ambient

Stability: > 3 years under recommended storage conditions

Wavelength 510 nm