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High purity dyed, soluble Azocasein (Sulphanilamide Dyed) for the measurement of enzyme activity, for research, biochemical enzyme assays and in vitro diagnostic analysis.

A highly sensitive, soluble substrate for the assay of endo-protease activity. This substrate has a 5-fold greater sensitivity than similar products supplied by other companies.

Please note the video above shows the protocol for assay of endo-cellulase using Azo-CM cellulose. The procedure for the assay of protease using Azocasein is equivalent to this.

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Brand Megazyme
Analyte Protease
Platform Spectrophotometer, Petri-Dish
Result Type UV Absorbance
Storage Conditions

Storage Temperature: Ambient

Stability: > 7 years under recommended storage conditions

Wavelength 440 nm
Physical Form Powder
Reproducibility ~ 7%
Substrate for Enzyme Protease
Package Weight 0.20