Neogen® Clean-Trace® Biomass Detection Kit

100 per case

SKU No.  700002006  |  Catalog No.  ULW10

  • Assesses the amount of biomass in process waters, waste waters, water tanks and cooling towers by determining the total ATP present.
  • Helps determine the biological status of process equipment and the effects of biocide treatments.
  • Useful for testing aqueous samples requiring filtration and/or extraction such as those that are viscous or that contain particulates or fibres.
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Provides expanded flexibility over single shot devices, allowing sample clean up in cases of high quenching, particulates or fibres in aqueous samples. Best suited for laboratories and ideal for process water, wastewater, water tanks and cooling towers.

The test is used with the Clean-Trace® NG Luminometer for the assessment of the hygienic status of process waters by the measurement of total ATP.

ApplicationHygiene Monitoring
Result TypeRelative Light Units (RLU)
Limit of Detection1 ng
Testing Time8.00 Seconds
Time to Result8 Seconds
Storage Conditions4 - 8° C (40 - 46° F)
Case Count1
Quantity per Package100 test
Reaction Time8 seconds
pH Optima7
Substrate for EnzymeATP
Package Dimensions21.50 cm x 9.00 cm x 8.00 cm
Package Weight1.01 lb
Clean-Trace® Luminometer




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