AccuPoint® Advanced Reader

Without RFID

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< 10-second results - The system rapidly measures the level of adenosine triphosphate (ATP) on a surface to determine its cleanliness and provide quantitative, pass/fail results.

Actionable Data - AccuPoint’s Data Manager software is developed based on customer recommendations to provide the best and easiest reporting options.

Easy-to-use - Full-color high-res display and (optional) leverage RFID (radio frequency identification) technology to identify the location of each test.

Designed to Detect - Unique sampler design to detect and recover ATP from high touch surfaces accurately.

Reliable - Offers the reliability and visibility companies depend on to manage a robust cleaning verification program.

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The next generation of ATP testing is now available with AccuPoint® Advanced Next Generation

AccuPoint Advanced Sanitation Verification System is a handheld ATP reader that accurately detects ATP from surfaces and rinse water samples. A total of 3 different samples are available, depending on the application, for surface testing, rinse water testing, and narrow openings (e.g. small pipes, fill nozzles). As the first sanitation verification device to be approved by the AOAC Research Institute, use of AccuPoint Advanced provides customers assurance that the system produces consistent and reliable data for evaluating sanitation program effectiveness in food processing and food services facilities. In addition, the approval follows a recent study conducted by NSF International that showed AccuPoint Advanced exceeded the performance of competitive systems on the market — further adding to the robustness of the device.

Brand AccuPoint®
Analyte ATP
Approvals AOAC-RI 091601
Package Dimensions 10.30 in x 7.70 in x 6.50 in
Package Weight 3.10 lb

Additional Information

AccuPoint Advanced Samplers:
Advanced design and chemistry for advanced ATP recovery

  • NEW liquid-stable chemistry
    • A more consistent reaction for more reproducible results
    • Stable at room temperature for up to two weeks
  • Patented flat-head design breaks through biofilm and increases surface contact
  • Color-coded for easy identification of surface, water and access samplers
  • One-handed, single-step activation for all sampler types

AccuPoint Advanced Reader:
Quick, accurate and easiest to use

  • Rapid time to result (less than 20 seconds)
  • Full-color high resolution screen
  • Unique RLU scale detects small differences to identify ATP baseline deviations
  • The only reader with optional RFID technology
    • Reduces test time
    • Increases test plan accuracy

AccuPoint Advanced Data Manager Software:
A snapshot of plant hygiene/sanitation at your fingertips

  • Firmware upgrade feature keeps reader current
  • Records and tracks test results
  • Generates key hygiene/sanitation indicator reports
  • Maintains records for audit compliance
  • Identifies trends and problem sites
  • Manages test plan


The AccuPoint Advanced system utilizes ATP bioluminescence to determine the cleanliness of test samples. ATP is a chemical compound found in all living cells, including bacteria, food debris, yeast and mold. Bioluminescence is a chemical reaction that produces light. ATP bioluminescence occurs when ATP from a sample comes into contact with luciferase, an enzyme found in fireflies, and luciferin, a substrate. The amount of light emitted in this reaction is proportional to the amount of ATP detected in a sample. After a sample is taken, the sampler is pressed into its cartridge, breaking its seal and initiating the mixing of reagents. The reaction takes place within the cartridge and a detector measures the amount of light produced. The reading is displayed on the LCD display in RLUs. According to preset limits, an icon is displayed indicating a pass, marginal or fail result. These limits are defined by the operator or by using the system presets.


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