AccuPoint® Advanced Sampler, Surface

Item No.  9905

  • Unique flat-tip sampler
  • Designed to maximize surface coverage
  • Ensures consistent samples every time
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The AccuPoint Advanced Surface Sampler is an ATP detection swab uniquely designed for best results from environmental surfaces.
Analyte ATP
Brand AccuPoint®
Package Dimensions 13.60 IN x 7.80 IN x 4.20 IN
Package Weight 2.70 LB
Quantity per Package 100 samplers


The AccuPoint® Advanced ATP samplers utilizes ATP bioluminescence to determine the cleanliness of test samples. ATP is a chemical compound found in all living cells, including bacteria, food debris, yeast, and mold. Bioluminescence is a chemical reaction that produceslight. ATP bioluminescence occurs when ATP from a sample comes into contact with luciferase, an enzyme found in fireflies, and luciferin, a substrate. The amount of light emitted in this reaction is proportional to the amount of ATP in a sample. After a swab sample is taken, the sampler is pressed into its cartridge, breaking its seal and initiating the mixing of reagents. The reaction takes place within the cartridge, and a detector in the instrument measures the amount of light produced.



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