NGS Bovine 1x SkimSeek™

Item No.  901

  • Reduce dependence on linkage disequilibrium between 50K fixed chips and Quantitative Trait Loci (QTL) that are impacting the desired phenotypes
  • Much lower cost than population-specific genotyping panels
  • Complete genotyping of entire breeding populations, which reduces bias in genetic evaluations due to selective genotyping
  • Data report contains millions of other SNP variants to improve genomic selection or help discover novel, population-specific causative variants
  • >99% accuracy
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  • Imputation – match low-coverage reads to well-characterized reference haplotypes
  • Utilize pre-determined fixed panels of SNP reports to augment the genomic selection
  • Utilize a data report of millions of other SNP variants to improve genomic selection or help discover novel, population-specific causative variants
Species Bovine


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How’s SkimSeek more cost-effective than custom array chips?

This technology may be cheaper for researchers who require a particular customized product, and they do not have a large population base. SkimSeek may also be less expensive for groups who require very high-density genotyping chips as the basis of their product deliverable (e.g., 23andMe or others in the human direct-to-consumer space).

How does SkimSeek provide ROI?

Skimseek can minimally provide the same ROI when used for whole-genome selection today. Additional data collected from the skim sequencing approach may also enhance the accuracies of genomic predictions. Additionally, researchers exploring genome-wide association analysis studies (GWAS) will access millions more SNP data points when compared to fixed arrays.

How does SkimSeek work?

SkimSeek provides the most current whole-genome sequencing technology followed by imputation to a reference genome and leads to discovering millions of imputed SNP genotypes.

Who can benefit from SkimSeek?

Agricultural researchers and producers, universities and labs, large commercial businesses, breed associations.

How can SkimSeek help to improve livestock and crops?

SkimSeek can help improve livestock and crop production with genomic improvement by generating molecular breeding values and selecting the best seedstock. SkimSeek saves time by eliminating the wait for phenotypic data from the next breeding cycle (reducing generation interval).

What are the long-term results of using SkimSeek?

SkimSeek easily allows users to pair sequencing and blockchain with data history to help improve future business decisions and their bottom line. Over time, as people use SkimSeek to support their breeding decisions, the protein industry will increase in better animals with less undesirable traits.