BetaStar® S for Quinolones is an assay for the rapid detection of quinolone antibiotics in raw, commingled milk and other dairy products at or below established Maximum Residue Levels (MRL). BetaStar S for Quinolones is designed to work with the Raptor® Integrated Analysis Platforms. The test can also be read visually.
Analyte Quinolones
Brand BetaStar®
Incubation Time 5 Minutes
Platform Lateral Flow
Quantity per Package 25 tests
Result Type Qualitative

  1. 25 strips
  2. 25 sample tubes
  3. 25 disposable 400 μL poly-pipettes
  1. Heater block/incubator capable of maintaining a temperature of 47.5 ± 1°C, for visual interpretation
  2. Raptor Integrated Analysis System (NEOGEN item number: 9680), for reader interpretation
  3. Raptor Solo (NEOGEN item number: 9696), for reader interpretation
  4. Raptor Cartridges (NEOGEN item number: 9681), for reader interpretation


The milk is wicked through a reagent zone, which contains antibodies conjugated to colloidal gold particles. If quinolones are present, they will be captured by the particle-antibody complex. The drug-antibody-particle complex then is wicked onto a membrane, which contains a sulfonamide drug conjugated to a protein carrier. This line captures any uncomplexed drug antibody, allowing the particles to concentrate and form a visible line. As the level of quinolones in the sample increases, free drug molecules will complex with the antibody-gold particles. This allows less antibody-gold to be captured in the test line. Therefore, as the concentration of a drug in the sample increases, the test line density decreases. The membrane also contains a control line where an immune complex present in the reagent zone is captured by an antibody, forming a visible line. The control line will always form regardless of the presence of the drug, ensuring the strip is functioning properly.


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