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Igenity® VDD-GNA

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This Igenity Canine test was specifically created for the Verein Deutsch-Drahthaar (VDD) breed to select the best candidates for breeding both in terms of health as well as presence of the characteristic furnishings or bearded appearance. Multiple options for sample type submissions allows VDD-GNA members to get additional information from their blood bank submission or screen pups early in life by collecting a spot of blood on a blood card from Neogen at the time of tail docking. Cheek swabs are an easy and non-invasive way to collect a sample at any time during a dog's life.

Testing can be done in conjunction with the VDD-Group North America (VDD-GNA) blood bank submissions to Neogen.

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A collaboration between the Verein Deutsch-Drahthaar-Group North America (VDD-GNA) and Neogen has enabled the creation of a comprehensive genomics program specifically tailored to VDD-GNA members.

There are two components to the program:

VDD-GNA blood bank: As of July 1, 2015, VDD Breeding Regulations require that all litters must have blood samples submitted to the VDD blood bank before the Ahnentafeln can be given to the breeder. The VDD blood bank in Hanover, Germany is run by Professor Dr. Ottmar Distl. VDD-GNA samples are stored at the Neogen's genomics lab in Lincoln, Nebraska.

Igenity Canine VDD-GNA DNA Test: Dog owners can elect to do DNA testing on samples submitted to the blood bank or separately with submission of a cheek swab or drop of blood collected with supplies from Neogen.

Testing includes the following health and trait conditions:

  • Presence of “furnishings”, the characteristic eyebrows and beard known to the Deutsch-Drahthaar breed and how that trait will be passed down to offspring.
  • Identify affected or silent carriers for clotting disorders such as von Willebrand Disease Type II and Hemophilia B.
  • Screening for other mutations that increase risk for health complications, including Exercise-induced collapse and Hyperuricosuria.
Brand Igenity®
Breeds Supported Verein Deutsch Drahthaar
Species Canine
Submission Information Acceptable sample types include cheek swabs (2) or blood in EDTA (purple top) tube or spotted on a Neogen blood card.
Genetic Conditions von Willebrand Disease Type II, Hemophilia Type B, Exercise-Induced Collapse, Hyperuricosuria
Turnaround Time 2-3 weeks

Additional Information

There is no charge to the VDD-GNA member from Neogen for the blood bank. Please be sure to include the verification sheet from the VDD breed warden and affix the microchip barcode and identification stickers to your sample. The entire barcode must be visible in order to be scanned at the lab.


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