Ideal® Animal Health Drawing Salve
Ammonium Bituminosulfonate 20%

Item No.  79105

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Drawing Salve is for use on hooves, nails, and skin of horses and dogs. For external use only. Not for use on animals intended for food. Not for human use.
Active Ingredient Ammonium Bituminosulfonate
Brand Ideal® Animal Health
Case Dimensions 11.00 IN x 8.00 IN x 9.00 IN
Case Count 12
Case Weight 13.00 LB

Active Ingredients: Ammonium Bituminosulfonate 20%

Inactive Ingredients: Anhydrous Lanolin, Amber Petrolatum

Dosing Apply topically once or twice a day. A loose wrapping may be applied. Avoid prolonged exposure to excessive heat.
Package Dimensions 3.50 IN x 3.50 IN x 4.06 IN
Package Weight 1.08 LB
Quantity per Package 14 oz
Species Horses, Dog
Storage Conditions Store at a temperature between 15°-30° C (59°-86° F). Keep container tightly closed when not in use.