Sales Leader South - Food Safety


  • Implement commercial strategy& leverage all resources to achieve sales target; drive target customers to further cooperate with Neogen.
  • Applies broad knowledge and extensive experience to deal with variations in work conditions and operations to proactively identify and solve complex and diverse problems. Supervises the development and implementation of improvements and/or solutions to work processes and tools in support of business and strategic plans. Reports to manager/supervisor on key milestones and critical business initiatives. Receives additional guidance from the supervisor as necessary.
  • Generally has budget responsibility for team/work group. Makes recommendations that impact how financial resources are generated or spent.
  • Supervises work group with clearly defined roles within functional disciplines within the sales function. May provide work direction to Non-Neogen workers. Determines priorities and timetables, assigns resources/tasks, and provides performance feedback. Accountable for the activities and results of their work group, including leading for change.
  • Employees supervised are on a support or lower professional level.
  • Supervises development and implementation of functional and cross-functional projects, plans, and programs in support of business and strategic plans. Proactively communicates project direction and status to appropriate personnel.
  • Handles a wide variety of non-routine and difficult inquiries where the solution is not immediately apparent. Develops solutions for multi-faceted, interrelated, and complicated problems, which require strong analytical skills and significant interpretation of data. Most complex problem solving may require conceptual thinking to assess options, making decisions by applying extensive experience and knowledge of related and non-related precedents, practices and policies to solve significantly different problems.
  • Resolves issues and conflicts related to direct reports.
  • Has a major impact on the direct work group/team, as well as the next higher organizational tier. Decisions affect the operational effectiveness of multiple work groups or teams, programs in the department, and/or related activities within the direct functional area.
  • Work tasks encompass concepts within multiple disciplines/practices which may include more than one department/location.
    Working tasks might include:
    • Assigns sales territories and/or accounts to the sales force.
    • Provides coaching on key sales concepts and monitors sales activities and provides feedback to the sales representative
    • Develops strong customer relationships and participates in contract negotiations
    • Coaches sales representatives to improve and/or develop new skills and competencies according to the individual development plan
    • Begins to develop financial acumen by tracking channel, sales rep, and customer performance.
    • Shares best practices by using CRM with other sales supervisors and sales representatives across locations/country
    • Provides input on the short- to mid-term sales strategy
    • Analyzes sales results and recommends course corrections based on CRM data.
    • Responsible for collaboration and cross-functional coordination of functional impacts or decisions relative to area of responsibility.
    • Develops and establishes work group KPIs (Key Performance Indicators). Consults in the design of sales incentive plans with the sales leader based on analysis of previous year plans, business objectives, and strategy. Manages POS data processing setup with new channel partners; implements and advises on POS data strategy for business use on sales incentives, rebate programs, market analysis, etc. Performs complex business analytics on direct sales, POS data, and market trends; provides recommendations to business management on opportunities for growth and improved performance. Leads customer and channel partner discussions, initiating and reviewing conformance to channel agreement requirements, such as point of sale data, etc. Coaches employees to improve and/or develop new skills and competencies in data integrity, analytics, business acumen, auditing, etc.
    • Continuously drives sales support efficiencies, process improvements, and technology advancements, while enabling forecast attainment. Creates awareness and sells the value of a sales support function to internal business partners.
  • Incumbent typically communicates with internal business partners and external customers on a medium to lower level, such as department heads and direct reports and occasionally area/business leaders. As an expert, the employee also provides consulting assistance to senior management. Serves as representative of the work group or team to management as appropriate.
  • Negotiates and counsels at an expert level with an audience which may not be knowledgeable in the subject area. Demonstrates solid persuasion skills and manages differing interests and perspectives.
  • Actively participates in relevant corporate programs/initiatives, complies with professional and quality standards, complies with corporate policies and procedures, and acts in a manner consistent with Neogen’s values and ethical standards.


  • A Bachelor level university degree is generally required. Master’s degree is preferred.
  • Minimum of 7-10 years food safety industry working experience, above 3 years team management experience
  • Expert/master knowledge and experience with most current theories and practices of one or more related disciplines within the sales function.
  • In-depth knowledge of Neogen structure, organization, and business.
  • Has cross-functional knowledge of businesses.
  • Possesses solid market know-how (competitors, trends, etc.)
  • Utilizes this business knowledge to educate others.
  • Knowledge of computer programs and corporate systems relevant to the assigned area of responsibility is normally required.
  • Ability to communicate in written and spoken English.

Activities Related to the Quality Management System:

  • Responsible for keeping QMS documents under the sales team up to date (Procedures, work instructions, tables and quality records);
  • Continuously contribute and support the implementation of preventive measure for the continuous improvement of processes.

Activities Related to Occupational Health and Safety (HSE):

  • Use the PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) and EPC (Collective Protective Equipment) applicable to your role and request replacement from HR in case of damage or loss.

Activities Related to Organization Maintenance and Cleaning:

  • Keep your workplace well organized, clean and in compliance with established standards;
  • Continuously improve the conditions of organization, cleanliness and standardization of your workplace;

Required Training or Knowledge (Hiring) 所需培训或知识技能(招聘)

  • Sales techniques;
  • Management of sales team;
  • Office Package;
  • Fluent English;

Required Training (Post Hiring) 所需培训(招聘后)

  • Awareness of ISO 9001;
    了解ISO 9001
  • Quality Objectives;
  • Quality Policy;
  • Applicable Procedures and Instructions;
  • Integration manual;
  • Job instructions;
  • Knowledge of the company's products;
  • Knowledge of Sanctions policy;

Skills and Qualifications 技能和资质

  • Leadership;
  • Initiative;
  • Dynamism;
  • Easy communication;
  • Negotiation ability;
  • Organization;
  • Interpersonal relationship;
  • Strategic vision;
  • Systemic view;
  • Diligence;
  • Impartiality;


Requirements 要求:

Minimum 最低:
3 years (Management) 3年(管理经验)

Preferable 更好:
5years 5年

Education 教育背景:

Minimum 最低:
Education completed in related field 有相关领域教育经验

Preferable 更好:
Specialized in the field 专业优秀人才



Neogen Corporation is an EEO/Affirmative Action Employer and does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, national origin, protected veteran status, disability or any other legally protected status.