Accounting Analyst

Support the established procedures to accurately maintain the financial records of the organization and complete the daily accounting movements and other financial transactions according to the established policies.


  • Carry out the registration in intelisis of the fixed expenses, travel expenses, reimbursements, corporate cards, and extraordinary expenses of the month.
  • Follow up with each employee or supplier of invoices/support pending delivery.
  • Support in simple accounting ties for monthly closings.
  • Perform bank reconciliations, Make simple provisions.
  • Preparation of monthly report of expenses incurred by vendors.
  • Support in the various ties and accounting squares to be able to present the information required for the financial statements in a timely manner
  • Perform various analyzes necessary for the closing of each month (depreciation, sales, costs).
  • Make rebills or credit notes directly on the SAT portal in appropriate cases (for example: that customer services cannot because they are from past months)
  • Employing purchases on working paper as well as applications for advance payments from customs agents.
  • Preparation and presentation of various tax returns- electronic accounting, monthly taxes, quarterly IEPS, etc.
  • Support in the work papers required by the auditors of the fiscal and financial audits.
  • Make payment complements directly on the SAT portal, for rebills issued abroad.