Making the Invisible Visible

Prepare for the Next Phase of Smarter Food Safety

As a food safety leader, you are responsible for protecting your brand’s quality standards and monitoring for any potential issues as you oversee food safety and quality processes throughout your company’s extended supply chain. Quantifying your sanitation practices' effectiveness is vital to enable safer environments and products for your customers and team — and we can help.

Our AccuPoint® Advanced Next Generation (NG) seamlessly propels your sanitation efforts to new levels with its robust Adenosine Triphosphate (ATP) testing capabilities, innovative ergonomic format, and its suite of software. The new AccuPoint Advanced NG and its analytic software can greatly enhance your sanitation testing with its automated data reporting, trend tracking, and audit functions.

Core Elements of AccuPoint Advanced NG:

  • Easy documentation for regulatory and compliance needs
  • Touch screen for easy site plan navigation
  • Create multiple detailed testing plans
  • Best-in-class surface sampler (water, surface, and access specific tips)


  • We will preload your test plan into the software and train all users.
  • We train on how to use our new Neogen® Analytics Insights cloud-based software
  • 24/7 global support


Take Control of Your Sanitation Monitoring Program

Make better decisions faster with RFID technology, our best-in-class surface sampler, and software to enable reliable data.



AccuPoint Advanced NG Complete Sanitation Monitoring System

The Next Generation of Sanitation Verification


Presenting AccuPoint Advanced NG

The next generation for AccuPoint Advanced sanitation monitoring systems.

ATP Handboo

The Best Practices Handbook

View our AccuPoint Advanced NG best practices handbook covering validations and verifications, program extensions, details about sampler usage, and much more.

Meet the New Powerhouse of ATP Testing

Discover how the advantages stack with the next generation sanitation monitoring system and its suite of software and flat surface sampler.

The Smarter Way to Track Trends and Reporting

Learn the advantages of pairing the cloud-based software, Neogen Analytics Insights, with the new AccuPoint Advanced NG to gain more testing visibility.

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