AccuPoint® Advanced Next Generation

With global awareness of bacteria and infectious disease on the rise, we're bringing you the next generation of ATP sanitation monitoring testing and software — AccuPoint® Advanced Next Generation (NG). The new AccuPoint Advanced NG quantifies your sanitation practices' effectiveness and seamlessly tracks data and trends. Ready to make the invisible visible?

Markets We Serve


  • Ticket kiosks
  • Keyboards
  • Check-in counters
  • Podiums
  • Railing to plane

Hotel Management

  • Room door handles
  • Elevators
  • Check-in counters
  • Television remote
  • Bathrooms


  • Doorknobs and handles
  • Light switches
  • Desks and chairs
  • Cafeteria tables
  • Keyboards

Hospitals & Long-term Care Facilities

  • Guest seating
  • IV infusion systems
  • Patient beds
  • Phones and keyboards
  • Restrooms and handles

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Sell Sheet for APA

The AccuPoint Advanced NG Sell Sheet

See how the new system’s whole offering stands apart from competitors with its diverse benefits, customer support, example testing areas, and more.


The Best Practices Handbook

View our AccuPoint Advanced NG best practices handbook covering validations and verifications, program extensions, details about sampler usage, and much more.

Sell Sheet for APA

AccuPoint Advanced NG ATP Sampler Comparison

See how the AccuPoint Advanced flat tip sampler provides better coverage for a more consistent sample.

The Healthcare Industry Brochure

AccuPoint Advanced NG is leading the healthcare industry into smarter sanitation verification!

ATP Testing for Hospitals

AccuPoint Advanced Next Generation for Hospitals

Our ATP system works in healthcare. Keep your patients, staff, and facility safe with accurate and efficient ATP testing.