Sustainability Statement

Neogen® is committed to operating in a way that is responsible, socially conscious, and transparent. We believe that our continued growth and the growth of the markets we serve depends on how we manage the impact we have on our world.

Operating in a sustainable manner is critical to our mission of protecting the people and animals we care about, and doing so benefits Neogen, as well as our customers, partners, and shareholders.

Together, we can serve our global community in the most responsible way possible.


It is our responsibility to our world to assess the impact we have on our environment and manage our resources in a way that protects future generations. We must consider the environmental impact of all we do. 

We also enable our customers to be more sustainable.  We partner with our customers, making their businesses more compliant, efficient, and sustainable by providing innovative biosecurity and environmental monitoring solutions that assist in managing harmful pests, microbes, and disease-causing pathogens. 

Our products and services enable a cleaner, healthier living environment and optimization of production animal selection, which can result in lower mortality, higher production, and reduced instance of disease, allowing decreased use of antibiotics and, in turn, human resistance to medically important antibiotics.


To reduce environmental impact, we strive to:

  • Minimize or eliminate the production of pollutants
  • Minimize the energy required by our processes and products
  • Minimize the materials used in our products and packaging
  • Maximize recyclability of our products and packaging materials
  • Minimize production waste
  • Recycle production components
  • Provide solutions for the control of harmful microbes, and pests that can result in waste
  • Dispose of waste only in ways approved by environmental agencies


Equity, Diversity, Inclusion, and Belonging (EDIB) are key aspects of Neogen’s culture and are imperative to our success as we continue to grow. Neogen benefits from creating a workplace where our colleagues and customers feel seen, heard, and included. Building a culture where respect is central creates a strong, unified, sustainable company and makes Neogen a great place to work.


At Neogen, we will:

  • Embody our Pillars of Trust in all we think, do, and say.
  • Ensure that our practices and programs advance our equity, diversity, inclusion, and belonging initiatives
  • Prohibit harassment, abuse, discrimination, and bullying
  • Create a workplace that supports all dimensions of employee wellness
  • Ensure a safe workplace that protects our colleagues from injury and illness
  • Respect human rights as a fundamental value and ensure compliance with the laws in countries in which we operate
  • Continue supporting organizations that create meaningful change, both within our communities and within the markets we serve


Neogen recognizes the importance of maintaining a transparent reporting process and its impact on helping us reach our sustainability goals.


To help us reach business goals in a sustainable way, we will:

  • Report to our Board of Directors on a regular basis
  • Seek the guidance of the Governance, Audit, Compensation, STI (“Science, Technology and Innovation”) committees
  • Maintain our robust governance structure
  • Present accurate and truthful financial statements and public disclosures in a timely manner
  • Regularly report on the progress of our environmental, social, and governance initiatives