Our Promises

Customer Support That Surpasses Expectations

Our customers are our partners. Providing a product or service is only part of our journey — seeing customers to their goals with dedicated customer service and training completes the picture.

It’s nice doing business with people who care. We know our customers and their needs, in part because our sales and technical experts make a point to be accessible and communicative with them. Our team is built of individuals with a passion for their industries, who are dedicated to the success of everyone involved.

Over decades, we’ve enjoyed the enormous privilege of sharing long-term relationships with many of our customers, working with them on their new projects and ventures. When a solution isn’t readily available for a customer’s new project or venture, our steadfast team works tenaciously to find a solution that will make their job easier, and together, we innovate the entire industry.

Prolific Portfolio That Performs

From farm to fork, we offer solutions for every stage of the food supply chain — and then some. Our tools are used on farms, in processing facilities, laboratories, universities and beyond. Neogen®’s solutions are a critical part of many of our customers’ operations — a one-stop-shop to help them expand their business and increase revenues and profits.

This is because our customers know what to expect from our solutions: consistent, reliable results they can depend on, with upfront and clear communication about product function, performance and benefits. Customers have high confidence in the validation and third-party testing of our solutions, many of which bear AOAC and other approvals.

The Company We Keep

We believe we’re all in this together. Our partnerships with universities and other organizations — some new, some decades-long — make us and our industries stronger. Our company was born in 1982 of collaboration between academic innovations coming from Michigan State University and industry partners, and that theme has carried us into today.

Some of our most valuable partnerships have led to technological innovations that have benefitted food and animal safety on a large scale, like our 20+ years of work with the University of Nebraska’s Food Allergy Research and Resource Program. We work with representatives from many spheres — academic, public and private — to use research to strengthen our industries together.