Neogen and 3M Food Safety Have Combined

Neogen's Next Chapter

At Neogen, protecting the world’s food supply is a vital part of our mission and vision, which is why we are excited to announce that Neogen has completed its transaction with 3M Food Safety. Together, we create an innovative global leader in food safety, building even further upon our already strong platform.

As a combined company, Neogen and Food Safety now have an enhanced geographic footprint, even more innovative product offerings, greater digitization capabilities, and increased financial flexibility to capitalize on robust growth trends in sustainability, food safety and supply chain integrity.

The completion of this transaction marks an exciting new chapter for Neogen as we benefit from the growing demand within the industry to become a leading innovator in food security.


Together as one company, Neogen will now have a significantly expanded product offering in food safety, particularly in indicator testing and pathogen detection areas, which complement Neogen’s existing microbiology lines. Neogen will also be able to offer Food Safety customers its animal safety and genomics services, which deliver innovative DNA testing – a new offering to Food Safety customers. This expanded product range increases the solutions with which Neogen can help customers protect the world’s food supply from behind the farm gate to the dinner plate.

These complementary product offerings combined with Neogen’s data-driven analytics approach create a compelling solution for customers as they seek an innovative partner to help increase efficiency and enhance food safety protocols.

We are excited about this exciting new chapter on our journey in the new era of food safety.

If you have any additional questions regarding the transaction, transition, and how they affect you, please get in touch with your Neogen or Food Safety sales representative for further assistance.

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Frequently Asked Questions

3M has completed the divestiture of its global Food Safety business to Neogen. Neogen and 3M Food Safety have now joined together to create an innovative new leader at the forefront of the food safety industry.

  • The new combined company will be able to bring you an even broader offering of technologies and solutions.
  • The Neogen and 3M Food Safety combination brings together complementary offerings, such as Neogen’s microbiology and natural toxins with 3M’s indicator testing, to create expanded food safety offerings for customers worldwide.

  • At this time, there are no changes to how you order or purchase your Food Safety products.
  • You will continue to interact with your existing Food Safety sales representative to order products. Subtantially all of 3M’s former Food Safety employees have transitioned with the business and continue to support the same portfolio and customers.
  • 3M will provide certain transitional services in connection with this business for a period of 18-24 months to help facilitate a smooth transfer of operations and avoid disruption to customers.
  • This means, even though the transaction has closed, you will continue to interact with 3M as before for all ordering, shipping, and invoicing for Food Safety offerings for the next 18-24 months.
  • You will also continue to receive product and technical support during this time through contact with the Food Safety sales force and technical team, now a part of Neogen.

  • At this time, there are no changes to how you order your Neogen products.
  • You will continue to interact with your regular Neogen representative as you have previously. The ordering, shipping, and invoicing of Neogen products will remain separate at this time.

During the transition, Neogen and the transferred Food Safety sales teams will each serve their own respective customers. Be assured that your assigned Neogen and former 3M reps will be working closely together as a team to cover all your needs.

Neogen and 3M will work closely to ensure that there is a smooth transition of services. As appropriate, you will receive more information and instructions at a later date.