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Animal Sport Drug Screening ELISA Test Kits

Neogen’s animal sport drug detection immunoassays include over 100 ELISA test kits – including Amphetamine Ultra, Bronchodilator Group, Dermorphin, Fentanil Group, Furosemide, Opiate Group, Promazine and many others – to screen for more than 300 performance-enhancing and therapeutic drugs and/or their metabolites. Our drug testing ELISA kits are used for a wide range of animal sport applications including horse racing, greyhound racing, camel racing and other animal racing industries. Our ELISA tests are also used in the fair industries, animal meat testing and raw material feed testing industries.

Neogen’s newest animal sport ELISA kit offers detection of dermorphin. Dermorphin is a naturally occurring opioid pain killer, which is approximately 40 times stronger than morphine. Dermorphin is isolated from the skin secretions of a South American tree frog, Phyllomedusa sauvagii, commonly known as the waxy monkey tree frog. It has been categorized as a Class 1 substance by the Association of Racing Commissioners International (RCI) and has been shown to be a performance-enhancing drug in race horses and falls under RCI’s strictest category: penalty class A. Neogen offers drug detection kits for many other performance-enhancing drugs that are banned by the RCI, visit our All Animal Sport Drug Detection Kits to see a full product listing.

Neogen's ELISA test kits are designed as screening devices for the detection of drug analytes and/or their metabolites in test samples. It is recommended that all suspect samples be confirmed by a quantitative method such as HPLC/MS or GC/MS.

Our long history of developing ELISA test kits has allowed us to be successful in offering dependable, economical and practical solutions for animal sport drug testing that include:

Other Product Information:

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