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BetaStar® Test Kits

With over 10 years of proven experience in the dairy industry worldwide, BetaStar, a rapid lateral flow assay for the determination of beta-lactam residues in milk, is available in formats that meet the EU MRLs and the US Tolerance/safe levels. 

BetaStar is a receptor-based lateral flow assay for detection of beta-lactam antibiotic residues in raw milk.  This assay, which takes only 5 minutes to run, is one of the most rapid and easy-to-perform tests available. It can be used on the farm, on the truck, or in the lab, and has a unique, patented design which helps filter out somatic cells, allowing for more accurate test results.

BetaStar has numerous international validations and BetaStar US has AOAC-RI validation (certificate 0308020) and is approved by the FDA and the National Conference of Interstate Milk Shipments (NCIMS).

A full line of accessories including the AccuScan III reader and printer are available to support the product.

BetaStar Plus 25 — BSP102
receptor based lateral flow assay for detection of beta-lactam antibiotic residues in milk, 25 tests.
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BetaStar Positive Control Kit (25 controls) — BT1L14
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AccuScan Pro Reader — 9565
Touch screen lateral flow reader used with Neogen's BetaStar, Reveal and Reveal Q+ test kits.
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Neogen Milk Test Incubator with Thermometer — 602376
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Thermometer for Neogen Milk Test Incubator — 602380
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