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Sanitation Monitoring:
Now Even Easier & Faster with RFID Technology

What is RFID?

RFID stands for radio-frequency identification, which typically involves 2 components: an antenna and RFID tags. The passive tags emit no signal and have an embedded 16 character alphanumeric code.

How does it work with AccuPoint?

Use the Data Manager software to program a tag for each Group. Then place the sign with embedded tags in the plant near each production line. Before testing, hold the AccuPoint 2’s antenna near a tag. The reader automatically reads the Group from the tag. Depending on settings, either a random site or the first site in the group will be displayed. Once testing is complete, simply press the eject button and the next site is displayed. To test the next Group, simply read the next RFID tag.

AccuPoint RFID Diagram


The AccuPoint 2 RFID system can:

Be prepared for new FSMA requirements with RFID technology.

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