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Updated: July 24, 2015

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SECURITY ALERT: Neogen will never call or e-mail you to ask for confidential information as part of the hiring process. The only personal information we ask for online is your name, address and contact information for the online application form. Please contact Neogen directly at 800-234-5333 or 517-372-9200 with questions or concerns.

Always Accepting Applications

We are always looking for talented individuals to fill future employment opportunities. You can express your interest in working for Neogen Corporation by submitting a general application and resume/CV. Just click on the Apply Here link and we will have your application in our system for recruiting to locate when we have a future opportunity that may fit your qualifications. Neogen Corporation continues to grow as a global leader in Food Safety and Animal Safety Technologies with more than 1000 employees. We appreciate your interest in contributing to our success.

Employment Opportunities: St. Joseph, MI

    No Current Postions Available

Want a great career?

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